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05 月
CDP 2024 is set to commence in June!

The 2024 CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) response period is set to begin in June. In alignment with IFRS S1/S2 and the newly introduced EU ESRS standards, CDP is actively inviting publicly listed companies to participate in carbon disclosure this year. The goal is to encourage organizations to start managing their carbon emissions through annual disclosures and to engage in benchmarking to identify effective strategies for reducing carbon footprints.

This year's CDP questionnaire has been revised into two parts: (1) the Corporate Questionnaire, which combines the previous climate and water management questions, and (2) the SME Questionnaire. In response to future regulatory needs and brand customer requirements, disclosures related to the entire industry chain (Scope 3 emissions) will be a critical focus for companies in their carbon management efforts.

As an Accredited CDP Service Provider and Consulting firm, JYG Consulting is pleased to invite Ms. Wan-Yu Sung, CDP Supply Chain Leader, Ms. Yu-Ying Su, General Manager of JYG Consulting, and Professor Yao-Ming Hung from Nanhua University, who is dedicated to promoting greenhouse gas inventory, for an insightful sharing session. We cordially invite you to join us!

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