JYG Industry Salons/Seminars

02 月
JYG Salon - Understand New GRI Standards
The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 2021) has announced the updated version of the Universal Standards - the global benchmarks for sustainability reporting that enable organizations to understand and report on their impacts. When preparing for the ESG report, what should you pay special attention to? The upcoming webinar JYG Industry Salon aims to provide a better understanding of what these standards mean for your business as well as highlight the main updates that took place.
SpeakersVicky Su, ESG Strategy Consultant in JYG; Shahi Lee, Manager, AFNOR Group Bellcert Intl.Ltd
DateFeb 25th, 2022, Friday
Time3-4:30 p.m. (Taipei Time)
Registration: https://forms.gle/kb3GXXUvZkX9Qo637
Contact886-2-8771-3605; info.jyg@msa.hinet.net Daphne